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Evaluation of ThinkAny AI Search Engine

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ThinkAny, a new era AI search engine, aims to provide efficient retrieval and intelligent question-answering experience through advanced RAG technology. It not only quickly finds and aggregates high-quality content on the web but also intelligently answers user queries, providing users with more precise and convenient search services.


Key Advantages

Integration of Advanced Technologies - Combining GPT4, Claude3, and Gemini to provide fast and accurate answers.

Learning and Research Assistance - Providing clear outlines and mind maps to help users better understand and digest information.

Community Interaction - Supporting posting questions or participating in discussions on social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, enhancing interactivity.

User Experience Evaluation

Homepage Design - Clear and easy to navigate.

Search Results Display - Structured display, with AI-generated conclusions on the left and reference materials on the right, clear and orderly.

Outline and Mind Map Functions - Providing structured and visual information presentation for professional scenarios, meeting users' needs for in-depth information processing.

Multilingual Support - Supporting multiple languages including Chinese, catering to global users.

Visual Experience - Providing light and dark modes to accommodate different users' visual preferences.

Technical Implementation

The technical implementation behind ThinkAny is equally impressive. The RAG-SearchAPI project, open-sourced by idoubi, combines Google search engine and Zilliz vector database, not only improving search accuracy but also demonstrating developers' relentless pursuit of technological innovation.

Minimalist Evaluation

AI Ascension Community Search


ThinkAny's performance in the AI search engine field is on par with other competitors in the market. Its characteristics of speed, accuracy, and intelligence provide users with a brand-new search experience. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences after trying it out, let's explore the future of AI search together!

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